Saturday, January 15, 2011


Guess who won the 400 Posts/400 Followers Giveaway? Rebecca of It's A Shabby Pink World! My two "random number generators" (my teens) are both taking naps right now (2:00), so I used an online one, and number 9 came up. And that's Rebecca! Do you think it's a coincidence that our blog names are almost identical? And that one of my teens name is Rebekah? If you love pink (and what female doesn't) then, by all means, go visit her blog! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Now, on to less important stuff . . .

I received one Valentine swap this week already! So early, but she's right on the ball! I will save it, and all that I get, until V Day - it will be more fun to open them all together! I've been cutting mine out this week - I'm so excited!

Smokey was outside my computer room, soaking up the sun on a chilly 27F/-3C day! Yes, I was smart enough to take the pic from indoors!

I stopped at the thrift store today, first time since well before Christmas. Got a glass dome, a pretty bluebirds suncatcher, a cute mini deer, and a 6" tidbit dish by Kromex in the (Anchor Hocking) Wexford pattern.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Go Pats!
New England Patriots animated gif


genie said...

I love your thrift finds....especially t sun catcher. I have stained glass all around and about the house just for that reason. As for Smokey...he is so dear sitting out there looking in at you. Our cat, Trouble, 8 years old, has NEVER been out of the house except one time, and he almost had a heart attack he was so scared. HE flew up the steep hill behind the house, and my pod husband has to crawl up it to get him. It was a sight to behold. Now, you open the door and Trouble runs the other way! I really enjoyed your post. Hugs.

Unknown said...

congrats to the winner and sure have a good eye. I would of killed for the sweet little deer...and the


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Congrats to Rebecca! I like your thrift store finds..especially the pretty suncatcher.

Will you be mad at me if I say "Go Jets!"? :)

Unknown said...

Sue! What I don't learn here! Wexford pattern! So that's the name of it! You've gotten your first Valentine! I can't wait to see everyone's on V'Day. It was so sweet of you to stop by. Have a lovely week ahead! Elizabeth