Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I found this great book at a yard sale last year. It's dated 1961. Lots of fun photos and text, too! Come on, let's go camping this Rednesday!

Funny how, in this cover pic, the dad is in 'camouflage' and blends in with the rocks. No red, no center stage!

"Women take advantage of all the new conveniences that make camping easy." Yeah, right! Where's the air conditioning and refrigerator, toilet and t.v.? LOL!

Remember how heavy these metal coolers were (are)? Get a load of the bathing suits!

What I wouldn't give for one of these thermos/snack units! (They're red plaid) I've seen them on eBay for mega bucks. It would be so awesome to find one at a yard sale! *sigh*

Yes, we love going camping in a freshly starched and ironed dress! I hope she didn't forget her stockings! And, what's with those burgers - is the Jolly Green Giant coming for lunch?

Well, while you've got the station wagon here, you might as well sleep in it - or on it!
Oh, look, another dress! Do you see the piece of log on the picnic bench used for a booster seat? More cool cars, too!
Yup, I've got my cool red tent, cool two-toned sedan, and the awesomest vintage suitcase! Ah, this is the life!


Mecky said...

I saw one of those thermos thingies at an antique mall about a month ago! My husband and i thought it was pretty neat. I don't recall how much they were asking tho!
I love looking at old pictures like that even thought they can be unrealisic. A dress for camping? Right!
I remember those swimsuits. I wasn't born then, but I remember wearing one. Must of been a hand-me-down.
Those old station wagons were fun. We all wanted to sit in the very back where the seat faced backwards. Being the youngest, I didn't get to very often.
Thanks for sharing!

Mecky said...

I noticed I the picture where the woman is cooking in her freshly pressed dress, that there is a picnic set in the back of the wagon. Check that out with the bakelite flatware! I drove up to this little town northweat of Newton Kansas and stopped in at a antique shop. They had something like that. over 200.00. I really wanted that, but quickly got over it for that price. It's pretty neat, though! It even had a container to hold a loaf of bread!

Angela said...

Oh I loved this post Sue. Thanks for sharing these pictures...

Nicole Blean said...

Oh, I love this blog posting! Reminds me of old camping trip pictures from my parents and grandparents.

Cindy said...

I love this.And your comments on each one is priceless...lol

I lived this camping life with my parents.They had every kind of camper there was.And of course all the camping goodies.When I ask my parents a while back about some of the ice chest and thermos's...I bout killed over..she had given those old things to Goodwill...arghhhhhh

This is what happens when you live 6 hrs away...they just don't think you would want it.

Anyhoo...thanks for sharing these!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Carol Ann said...

Love this post, it made me smile! Thanks for sharing:)

Sunny Simple Life said...

I love the vintage camping photos. Those old tents used to be heavy and hot in the day time.

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze said...

Your post is not only very nice, it´s perfect for *Memories*. So if you like.... :) LG Tina

Ani said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

The French Hutch said...

I love looking through old magazines. I think the ads are great. The automobiles, appliances and decorating. Oh MY, WE'VE COME A LONG WAY BABY.........
Thanks for hosting, Rednesday is always so much fun

The French Hutch

Gallery of the Mountains said...

Life looked so simple in all these pics! Happy Wednesday!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

wonderful photos and memories. In Borneo, when I was young, most people didn't got for picnics. We did, because Dad been to England. But we didn't go camping. Just day trips partly because there were communists.

LV said...

A great camping presentation with plenty of reds.

Sarah said...

What a fun post! I always enjoy looking at vintage magazines, and I was a child of the 50s-60s so these photos brought back memories indeed. I'm not much for camping, but our family did spend the summers in the CO mountains. We stayed in cabins, not tents. ;-)
Thanks for sharing the fun and for hosting each week. ~ Sarah

My Vintage Mending said...

Love these old photos/ads...Thermos and coolers are a favorite...Happy to have some red this week...smiles...Renee

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great book and so much fun to look at those photos! Reminds me of family camping in the 1960's! Cool!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The car in the last photo looks suspiciously like a Ford Fairlane 500. Of course, I'm probably wrong...but it's a lovely color anyway!


What is there about the color red
That makes me want to stand on my head,
And give a loud shout or two of praise
For crimson tints that brighten my days?

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Bits of red here and here

★Carol★ said...

That book is really amazing, and brings back memories of LOTS of family camping trips. Some good, some bad! Maybe that explains why I love the old picnic baskets, thermoses and coolers. But give me a cabin these days, because I don't miss that old tent!
Happy REDnesday,

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

In the 60's , my family did a lot of camping . The first three pics are very familiar , brought back a lot of memories .
Love & Blessings

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Hi, I'm glad to share my Red Picture at Rednesday! Thanks again for hostessing a very fun party.

Re: camping ... hmm. I do love all their vintage items and like you, would love to have a few of them. But camping, no. When my husband and I were engaged, he said he liked to camp. I said I was a Holiday Inn kind of girl. I'll take air conditioning and indoor plumbing! Ha! Love your pictures!


Nicole said...

Just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You know me and my vintage magazines and books.. loved every single page, thanks for sharing!

Susan Freeman said...

That book is great ~ love it!! Thanks for hosting.

Susan and Bentley

Cass @ That Old House said...

You never could have gotten my Mom to go camping, but we did loads of picnicking and tail gating -- and I remember those red plaid coolers and Thermoses!

I think the ones that were used the most probably rusted out. My Mom was thrilled when plastic molded coolers came along and the plaid ones were shoved in the back of the garage.

I wish I knew what happened to them! Boy, they were heavy!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! My parents took us camping and on car trips. My mom was a great tail-gate camper! You brought back great memories! Hugs, Patti

Anonymous said...

Love these camping pics! Memories!!! ♥