Monday, August 8, 2011


I love Geraniums and Pelargoniums, especially the old-fashioned varieties and the ivy ones (the trailing kind). I used to have some of the rose-scented and apple-scented - need to get some more some day! These are what I have at the moment.

I have the wild geraniums growing in my yard (Geranium maculatum). They are perennials and bloom in late May where I live, and stand about 1-2 feet tall.

This is called Geranium sanguinium 'nanum', a perennial. It's supposed to be a miniature (6" tall), but mine grows to about a foot or so and spreads more than I'd like it to. The grass on the right is Hakonecheloa Grass.

This one is Geranium 'biokovo', also a Spring perennial, and it's about 8" tall. A very pale pink with pink stamens - very pretty with a wild Columbine and Lily of the Valley in the background!

Now, for the annuals (or zonals) ~ Madame Langguth with white variegated leaves.

Mr. Wren - one of the antique varieties

Velma Cox, another with variegated leaves that I picked up at a local garden center.

I love this one! It's a Regal Geranium, otherwise known as the Martha Washington Geranium. They have large flowers. I got this at my church's plant sale in the Spring and I don't know which variety it is. Can't wait until it grows up!

Appleblossom Rosebud - this was Queen Victoria's favorite geranium! I bought this, and Mr. Wren, a few years ago from Select Seeds, of which this photo is from. Mine isn't blossoming at the moment.
And there you have them! See you on Rednesday!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Geraniums all over my wrap around porch...I often if people refer to my house as the pink geranium house? Love the varigeted leaves on the Velma Cox and love the Queen Victorian one. great variety!

★Carol★ said...

I never have any luck with geraniums, except for the perennial kind. Just not enough sun I guess. That Appleblossum Rosebud has me wanting to give them another try!

LV said...

Glad you still have pretty flowers to enjoy. Mine have gone to glory from the intense heat.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I love geraniums and pel.....yeah the other ones. I can never spell that right and I'm too lazy to go see how on your post. That last one is spectacular. I don't have any in the ground, only in pots. Do you have to worry about freezing? Clearly I love them, but don't know a lot about how to grow them. :)

Mary Ann said...

I have a few perennial geraniums also, which I love. But mine have been chewed up by something, so out came the pruners. Will look forward to seeing them again next spring.