Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Welcome! Today/yesterday (Tuesday) is the first day of school in my town. Which was quite a surprise, because there are still many streets, especially main routes, that are blocked off due to down trees and power lines from Tropical Storm Irene.

The school's message was "Some streets in town may not be open for bus traffic. Parents are encouraged to seek the nearest available open bus stop or transport children to school. Parents are encouraged to closely supervise students at bus stops and when walking, since there may be electrical wires remaining on roadways and sidewalks, from the storm." (Now, how dumb is that?) They should have waited an extra day.

Yesterday, I got Conrad (our red Chevy 4x4 truck) all spiffied up for the first day of school!
(I wish he looked like this!)

Katherine named him a few years back. Mister used to have a pit bull, Baby, that his dad had brought up from Florida. The dog was kept at their commercial property in the next town. Mister would go walk her through the woods every day, and get her every Saturday to go to the dump with him. Well, Baby was just that - a big, lovable baby! She loves people, but doesn't like other dogs. Every time she saw one she'd get all excited and hyper, and her outlet was to chew on the truck interior!

So, Conrad got some spiffy new duct tape yesterday!

Two years ago, Mister's dad took the dog back down to Florida with him. The truck still smells like dog on a humid day! Can you see how the passenger seat looks darker than the driver's? Dog!

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