Sunday, October 30, 2011


We had a Nor'easter last night (Saturday). We were suppose to get between 6"-12" (15-30cm) of snow but, God was gracious, and we only got about 3 inches. Lost our power between 5:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. There was no church this morning because they lost their power, too! In fact, there are 123 schools in Massachusetts that don't have school tomorrow (probably due to power outages) - mine is not one of them, :( .

I was so surprised to see that some of my flowers still weathered the storm! I went outside after lunch and here's what I found:

I can't believe how hardy these petunias are! They were covered with snow this morning, and bounced right back! (Well, sort of. They're a bit droopy, but the petals are fine.)

Geranium 'Mr. Wren' still going strong, too! Love the shadows in this pic.

And this Lantana, too! It fared much better than the Marigold did.

Fairy World is none the worse for wear, either. I think Jade will be happy about that!

Yesterday morning, I was smart enough to get some cuttings before the weather changed. I'm glad I did! As I was walking through the kitchen this evening, I caught a waft of those wee little roses smelling up the room - it was so pleasant!

Besides the rose buds, I cut Cosmos, Nicotiana, Calicarpa, Mums, the last blue Scabiosa, Marigolds, Pineapple Sage, and the light pink Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield Pink'.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Unbelievable. We've been told in West MI to get the shovels ready in mid November. I can't believe you've already had that much snow.

Neabear said...

Sounds like you were one of the lucky ones!


Ordinary Hiker said...

I'm glad your ok! I'm in VA, and in lower VA, we didn't get any snow, but the wind and temperature drop was crazy! Bender Oak didn't even wanna go outside it was so cold!

Take care, and love the pics!

busymartha said...

Snow already! Wow, sounds like you are in for a long winter! Thanks for the photo information, really appreciate it! Marilyn

Cass @ That Old House said...

3 stinkin' inches?
In northern New Jersey we got about 8 inches, and just a little west of us, they had 14 inches.
Isn't New England supposed to get more than we do? :-)

Believe it or not, my annuals survived also -- those that I can see under the melting snow. Even my hanging ferns on the front porch are OK. Tough love works, I guess.


magie said...

I am glad to hear that most of your flowers faired alright, despite the snow. Good idea cutting some to enjoy indoors. Nothing beats the smell of cut roses inside. Love your green glass pretty!

Lynn said...

wOW, that is amazimg that the flowers endures the snow!!