Sunday, September 23, 2012


Are ya ready for the Fall t.v. show line-up? I am!

This is my reminder place, right above my computer:
P + P is Pitbulls and Parolees. We used to have a pitbull so that's how I was drawn to the show.

I feel the need to explain my love for Supernatural, considering it's a very ungodly show about angels and demons. Katherine had started watching it on Netflix last Spring and, not knowing what it was, I'd catch bits and pieces of it. There were some very funny scenes and tenderhearted moments between two brothers (who just happen to be hunks!). Katherine would get sick of explaining each situation to me, so I finally started watching it for myself. I genuinely pray for the salvation of the actors, all associated with the show, the audience who watch it, and for some of the plot (for example, God goes missing so an angel takes over and declares, "I am God".). I'm not a big prayer warrior or anything, just an average everyday Christian who happens to like a very un-Christian show! (Weird, huh?)

Well, I hope you all have your favorites and look forward to watching them!


MommaRock said...

Oh yea, I am ready for some new shows. My list is considerably longer than yours. But, I do want to start Supernatural (I will catch all the old episodes on Netflix soon). And I like Fringe too!
I love your calendar! Is it homemade?

xo....Momma Rock

Anonymous said...

Mister likes all the "murder-y" shows, as I call them (perhaps unkindly). I like Last Man Standing, The Middle, Big Bang Theory.
Pretty much G rated, family friendly and NOT scary!
But then, if he isn't around, the TV usually isn't on, anyway.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm a big TV watcher and ready for the FALL season for sure. I'm watching the Emmy's right now...see TV awards show!
hugs, Linda

Sunny Simple Life said...

I have been hearing a lot about Castle. I may have to check it out.

Unknown said...

Oh missed the episode I saw where it was explained that God is there...but because of free will the Angels and Devil are fighting again...St Michael needed to take over one Brother's body to fight the other Brother who was destined to be possessed by the Devil and tip the good/evil scale on Earth...that would mean both Brother's soul's die and go to Heaven so that St. Mike and Devil could fight it out. I don't watch regularly, but it ended the season that year by both Brothers saying no deal (free will) and go on to fight the bad guys and Angels that mean well....
It seems to mix a lot of Christian
/Judaic writings and myth. It is a fun hour when ya get to watch it tho. I just watched to season opener of was good;_