Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hi everyone! It's hard to find good vintage Autumn graphics that aren't Halloween (or that haven't been used a million times). Now, mind you, artistically speaking, vintage Halloween graphics are awesome! But on the personal side Mister and I don't celebrate Halloween. So the above picture was edited to get rid of the witch flying her broom across the moon, some of the bats, and the words Trick or Treat. I changed a few colors and I think it looks pretty good!

Are any of you as clumsy as I am? I'm always bumping into things and tripping and stuff. (I think it's leftover from the double vertigo I had fifteen years ago.) Sunday, when we were getting into the truck after church, I grabbed the dash handle to hoist myself into the middle and landed hard on the seat belt buckle clicker-in thingy. OUCH! My butt is still sore!

At the thrift store this past Friday I found this cute little hen salt shaker. Yesterday while browsing  through the latest The Country House catalog I found this great sign that had me laughing out loud. So I cut it out, taped it to cardboard, and put it on the shelf with my hen. No one's noticed it yet!

Now, let's get technical about the color pink for a moment. Wikipedia says, "Pink is any of the colors between bluish red (purple) and red, of medium to high brightness and of low to moderate saturation."  Keeping that in mind I'm going to show you the cutest vintage case that was also at the thrift store.

It's in great shape - look what came inside it:

All kinds of sewing goodies! Some red, thank goodness! A few wood spools for my spool jar, pins, buttons, needles, cardboard bobbins (are those for regular machines?), and a few needle threaders. It's so much fun sorting through stuff like this!

How was your week? Full of red?


Old Fashioned Gal said...

Oh, sewing goodies! Yay! What a great bonus to your adorable vintage case.
I'm not "clumsy" persay but I've been known to stub my toe on random things in the house. My husband on the other hand is super clumsy. I have told him that he could trip over a penny in the middle of the floor if it was there. LOL!
Hope your butt feels better, ha ha! :)

Tami Von Zalez said...

I would have been ecstatic with that find!

I'll join your hop tomorrow, xoxox


Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for grandparents and caregivers said...

I LOVE your vintage Halloween redo - We do enjoy giving out goodies to the kids who come, along with cute pictures and coloring pages that share the love of God with them. But my grandkids all know - ghosts and witches are not done in my house :) Plenty of harvest friendly fun with other great things like cute scarecrows and colorful pumpkins! :) Have a blessed and beautiful week!

Trisha said...

I am super clumsy myself...I don't remember where half my bruises came from! Thanks for letting me join in on the fun!


Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Sue,
What great goodies you have given a new home. I, especially, like your cute little chicken...and, yes, I do agree that raising children is a bit like being pecked to death by a chicken. LOL!
Thank you for hosting and I hope you have a nice week, my friend,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE that vintage case!!

Thanks so much for hosting!!

I linked up my red-orange Autumn tree!!


LV said...

I do not sew, but know you found a box of nice sewing goodies. You are not the only clumsy. I think we all do it. I keep bruises all the time.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

We always celebrate Fall Festival, love Fall ,we don't do witches & scary things. I love your redo ,wish I could find more graphics like it!
Your vintage case is fantastic!

Fran said...

I admit it, I'm clumsy!! LOVE the goodies in that sewing case, lucky you! Happy REDnesday! :) --Fran

Curtains in My Tree said...

It's so nice to be joining in again . This being under the is for the birds


LOL about the chicken sign! Maybe I could change a couple of words and have it apply here!
Sweet sewing case! Hope your "bottom" is better...ouch..

Visits With Mary said...

Had to laugh at the 'clumsy' sign, I think I might need to make me one...teehee! Happy Rednesday and thanks for hosting.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I've linked in - Happy Rednesday!


Stephanie said...

Hello :) I am new to your Rednesday linky party - I hope I entered the right thing...anyway, I am now following you and I look forward to future visits. Have a lovely day!


craftyles said...

I love the sewing case full of goodies. I passes on one at a thrift store awhile back and I'm sure regretting it now!

Breathing In Grace said...

I don't like Halloween, either and it's very difficult to find vintage "autumn" or "fall" without it having Halloween stuff in it!!! Love to look thru your red things....great post!!!

Donna said...

What a great find. That sewing case is so cute on the outside, and great stuff on the inside.

Jeannie Marie said...

Love the hen salt shaker then read the sign...haha! Love it! The pecking has stopped with my four...all are married and busy being pecked by their own families!