Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Rednesday in Boston. Prayers for the injured and their families, and all those traumatized by the explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday. I live ten minutes from the starting line, and I'm glad I didn't go into Boston for the finish! (45 minutes away) One of my cousins was at the finish line, but left before the explosions.

An ex-New England Patriot player (football), Joe Andruzzi, was there and helped with the injured. He was at the marathon to support a team that was running to raise money for his cancer charity.

Will Middlebrooks, of the Boston Red Sox (baseball) tweeted:

Yup! We've got Matt Damon, Ben and Casey Affleck, Mark Wahlburg, Chris Evans, Edward Norton, James Spader, Leonard Nimoy, Conan O'Brien, Kurt Russell,  John Cena, Michael Chiklis, Misha Collins, and Denis Leary, to name some of the heavies born in our Bay State! Along with our superstar sports teams, they can ward off any more offenders!

That's all I'm going to say today.


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Sue, I am heartbroken for Boston, as is the rest of the country.

Denise said...

I'm so sorry and heartbroken for all the families involved.What a shocker for those who lived through such terror.

Denise said...

I'm so sorry and heartbroken for all the families involved.What a shocker for those who lived through such terror.

Mecky said...

I am so glad that you didn't going into Boston and that you are ok. I am also glad that your cousin is ok, also.
My heart aches for the families.

Sew Inspired said...

So sad that things like this happen. In the past I would have been home visiting family at this time, but we moved mama to NY to take care of her. My prayers are with my home state and am sending love your way. Formerly from Brockton but I'm in total shock about this tragedy.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Dear Sue,
I had just begun my morning routine of catching up with blogs, iPad and cup of tea in hand, and it hit me, Sue lives in MA! I'm so sorry to be so late in visiting you.
I am forlorn and furious over this horrific tragedy in Boston. I don't know how to process this ... my heart is broken for those who lost their lives, their families, the participants, the city ...
Please know you are (all) in my thoughts and prayers.
(As I write this, a small group of runners has left the Santa Monica Pier, to run a mini marathon for those in Boston.)
Sally xo

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Don't mess with Boston! The cowards that planted the bombs will hopefully get their just rewards. Praying for the victims and families.
hugs, Linda

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Praying for the tragedy in Boston!
Glad your family is OK.

LV said...

I enjoyed your post today. I did prepare one for REDnesday thinking you were not going to be back.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Sue!
I did a post with red in case you were going to do a post today ...

I'm so sorry you've decided to end Rednesday, I've had such fun playing along (and I think most of my following came from my participation here) - I think for two years??? But I sure understand!

Thank you for being such a lovely host and all the RED fun we've had here,
Sally xo


I njust followed you!! Wow, I didn't know I hadn't before!!! Big hugs,

Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Hello Susan,

I hope things are going well with you!

Please forgive me for being so forward! You had mentioned about discontinuing Rednesday and I commented that, with your permission, I'd be willing to take over. Would that be okay with you? I didn't want to seem forward or pushy but there are some ladies who have asked me continually.

Have a wonderful day!