Friday, December 20, 2013


I got my package!I got my package!

My swap partner, Becky of Crafting Capriciously, went beyond my wildest expectations and sent me all these wonderful things! (Caution: LOTS of photos!)

"Firstly", she made this gorgeous Christmas card!

Here is my ornament - so pretty, covered in felt, buttons and a heart. This is so pretty! (I said that already, didn't I, lol!)

My Christmas apron and white cupboard make the perfect backdrop!

Look at these: a roll of cherries "washi" tape, stamped fabric buttons, three wood spools with stamped fabric, and two crocheted washcloths/hotpads. Each and every one so unique and hand-made with love! (It's so funny, the other day I was at the craft store with my daughter. When we came to the paper tape display she was teasing me because I got huffy when I couldn't find one with cherries!)

Now, take a look at this gem ~ Becky made me a Christmas mini-album! This is so awesome! I always make stuff for everybody else, but hardly ever get around to making myself things. This is so beautiful!

Look, it's got my name on it!

Becky, I just can't thank you enough for all these beautiful items! You made my pre-Christmas days happy!


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

WOW! She sure sent you a great package! What fun and creative gifts...sent with love. Merry Christmas!

I missed your swap because I live 1 1/2 hours from any craft store to buy that plastic ornie, but hope you host one again next year. :)

Becky Garrison said...

Sue, I am so glad you loved your goodies! The mini album was so much fun to make! Enjoy everything, and have a blessed and merry Christmas! Becky

E said...

Oh so cute and such a thoughtful gift ! Merry Christmas Elaine


That Becky sure makes awesome cards and books! You had a great partner :)
Merry Christmas!