Sunday, July 20, 2014


I'm sitting here at the computer and Katherine (21) comes in and sits at my craft table waiting for me to finish up. She looks around at my crowded craft table and said, "You need more space, and I don't mean Space Bag space either"!

Monday, July 14, 2014


I have a variety of Daylilies in my yard and, this morning, picked a few for my kitchen table. The yellow ones are delicately fragrant but I lost the tag a few years ago. The purple ones are called Little Grapette.

I put a new tablecloth on. We got a "new" small, round table from a friend a few months back and I had put my enamel-topped one in my craft room. Problem: I only have one round tablecloth! Problem solved: I just folded over my rectangular one to fit the table! Voila!

You can barely see a red spot out the window at the top left of the chair. That's my dwarf Sweet Peas growing in a planter against the railing. They only grow about three feet and are slightly fragrant. It's a north direction, but they get a few hours of sun in the early morning.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I haven't been to a thrift shop in a dog's age! Finally, I hit one yesterday before I went grocery shopping.

Any of you heard of the British author, Dick Francis? I've read a few of his books in some old Reader's Digest Condensed Books. They always have something to do with horse racing and they were very good stories. I found two hardbacks that I'm delighted with! Also, two strands of clear-ish beads.

In addition, I found a pretty Christmas plate made by Pickard China, U.S., a fun Christmas wind chimes that's double-sided and needs detangling, and two Ocean Water scented votives by Yankee Candle.

Also, a pretty Mason (England) Vista china tea cup, sans saucer. Three vintage hankies and a tablecloth (?) that's 24 inches square. I question it because it feels and looks like a men's handkerchief, but it's so large that it fits a small table. Who cares!

I haven't joined up with Rednesday in a while and this display is a perfect excuse to do so! Hi Melody!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here it is, folks! All the pieces of the patriotic banner swap - all five of them, lol! They're all great, and unique, though!

First is Sarah's (Hope In Every Season):

Because there were a few extras she had sent along, and they were longer than the others, I made a banner by themselves for my living room window!

Next is Debby's of Cozy Blanket. I like the boldness of this design:

Then there's Pam's of Virginia Retro, all picnic-y and fireworky! Summer at it's best!

Here's mine. I couldn't decide between which girl image, so I used them both and made a two-sided piece.

The above ones I strung together and the banner is hanging on my hutch:

Lastly, we have Judy's of 20 North Ora. She stitched a wonderful fabric mini-banner!

Mine is hung in the kitchen window!

At first, I was disappointed that more women didn't join in, but I think I got the cream-of-the-crop here!

Everyone have a safe (especially East Coasters) and fun Fourth, remembering the freedom we fought for!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


I have been putting up some of my summer decorations this past week, and was delighted to place my Summer Postcards around. A few years ago Elizabeth, of Creative Breathing, had a swap where you made a postcard of your state. That was one of my favorite swaps! So here are a few photos of some of the cards.

 (china: Homer Laughlin 'duBarry' pattern)

(my collection of red Restaurant Ware)