Monday, October 20, 2014


First, the birds! Mister picked up this ceramic box at the thrift store the other day, and I'm thrilled with it. It has been added to my ceramic bird collection which is now in my half-bath!

I'm sure many of you have seen white pumpkins blinged out. I love that look! While I was at Michael's craft store this past week they had some of the fake ones. Here's what I did with mine:

I love glue guns! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Unfortunately, no one wanted my Putz village, so I'll have to list it elsewhere!

Monday, October 13, 2014


I don't celebrate Halloween, but this picture in one of my vintage children's books, We Like To Do Things, is just too cute to keep in hiding. Enjoy!

While I'm at it,  here is another Autumn pic from the same book:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I have too many Christmas villages. Can you believe that? I have the traditional 'Dept. 56' size, plus some vintage ornament-size sets. The dilemma is I live in a Cape style house; not enough room for all the decorating I want to do. (I secretly have Debbie-Dabble envy!)

I would like to get rid of the larger 'Dept. 56' (er, Walmart and A.C. Moore) set, but my girls won't let me - you know - tradition and all that stuff! So the Putz-ers are going, and you might get to be the lucky one to purchase the set!

This is a Sears "11 house, 1 church" cardboard house set, with light holes in the back, and the original box. I've searched online with the stock number to try and find the year made, but have been unsuccessful. These are mostly in pretty good condition. Check the photos carefully: there is the usual cellophane torn or missing on some, and one of the red bases is torn. Of course, contact me with questions.

I figured I'd do this SILENT auction-style. I had considered listing this on eBay or Etsy, but then thought it would be fun to let my followers have a go at it first! I'm starting the bid at $20.00 U.S. and you may email me with your bid. (My email address is in the About Me section on the left column.) I WILL LEAVE THIS AUCTION OPEN FOR ONE WEEK, UNTIL NEXT WEDNESDAY (10/15), AND WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNER ON THURSDAY (10/16). Remember, it is a SILENT auction!

The package weighs approximately one pound, so shipping shouldn't be too bad.

Monday, September 29, 2014


I participated in Sandy and Deb's HALLOWEEN/FALL COOKIE CUTTER SWAP. They were a bit strict, mind you. Things like, "Make the package fun to open" and "Manners count, saying Thank You is a must". I dunno . . . I did my best! 

My partner was Pam of Virginia Retro. She sent her package to me a bit early as she was going on vacation. I was dying to open it, but I hadn't finished up mine yet and didn't want to be influenced by what she sent. It was hard to wait, but I sent her box out this past Saturday and opened mine on Sunday. That worked out well because the New England Patriots weren't playing yesterday (they're Monday Night this week) and I needed something fun to occupy my afternoon (although it didn't take 3 hours to open the box!).

Everything was wrapped up so cute in pretty colored tissue papers and tags of all sorts.

Here's what she sent:
This is the cookie cutter decoration she made. It's so lively with all the little punkins and buttons. I love the color combination!

She made a few cute little magnets:

Aw heck! I was gonna photograph, then open, each little package but I just plumb ran out of patience! Here's all the rest of the goodies: Pam went tag-happy and I'm glad she did - they now decorate my house!

Look at all that fun stuff! Vintage playing cards, yo-yo's, Fall-themed ribbons around spools, buttons, CANDY, and more!! Isn't that pumpkin face the happiest looking little guy? Of course, my favorite is the fat quarter of cherry-printed fabric!

Thanks so much, Pam, you did a great job with what you sent me - I'm happy and content (especially after eating the candy bar!). :) SPOILER ALERT: Pam, don't go below this paragraph if you haven't opened your package yet!

This is the cookie cutter and large tag (along with other goodies) that I made for Pam. I didn't have, and couldn't find, a round vintage cutter so I used a leaf-shaped one that I had. I just love craft swaps!