Thursday, April 17, 2014


I was going to make myself a patriotic banner this year and then decided to have a swap, and share banner pieces! What I would like to do is involve 7 others besides myself. You would need to make 8 banner pieces - 7 to share and one for yourself. The size would be 4" x 6" at the largest, and you can choose your shape: pennant/triangle, rectangle, circle, star, shield, whatever! This is an indoor paper craft, not for outside weather.

If you would like to join, sign up in the Comments below. Make sure you are an active blogger, and that your email is somewhere on your blog for when I need to contact you. I will take the first 7 signer-uppers and will email you my mailing address. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE WANT TO DO THIS, I CAN MAKE A SECOND GROUP!

You make the 8 banners and mail all of them to me no later than Monday, May 12th. That will give you three weeks to make them, and me enough time to get them mailed back to you in time for Memorial Day. Make sure your return address is on the envelope! I will then sort them into groups and mail each of you one group.

This will be a lot of fun, so get out your reds, whites, and blues and get crafting!

(If I forgot anything, let me know!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I made this mini diorama using a small picture frame, buttons for the sun, a vintage bridge tally card, and a wee Easter tree decoration! It makes me happy to look at it!

Mister gave me this ceramic basket years ago. Last year I found these pink plastic eggs and they look so nice in the basket!

Hey, look! I snagged a fairy! And it's living quite happily in my bird cage.

Because I live in the Boston area, I leave you with this:

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Mister had yesterday off from work, so we went over to one of our local thrift shops! I got some great vintage items - all with red, of course!

I couldn't believe these Red Riding Hood S&P's were there! Of course I had no intention of getting my hopes up that they're genuine. When I got home I looked up on line and discovered that because of their height and the size of the filling holes they are the reproductions. Who cares! They're adorable - real or repro! Might sell them, haven't decided yet; but, if anyone's interested, email me.

This figurine is so animated! I just want to hug it! It's in excellent condition. Look at the original price! Wish I could buy figurines for that price today, but I was lucky and got this for $6.00.

Couldn't resist this chic overnight bag. Has a few "dents" but, hey, I'm a dent-kinda-gal!

Last is this awesome Wilendur square tablecloth with four napkins. Needs a good cleaning and, again, not sure if I will keep or sell.

I think I hit the jackpot yesterday! Good stuff cheap!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Warm Sunday greetings to you all!

Last weekend I saw this out by the barn:

It's a woodchuck (groundhog). Not too happy about it - thought winter was over!

But, then, yesterday I saw these:

Snowdrops. Finally!!

This past week I also received two packages in the mail. The first was from my brother in Tennessee. His wife works at a Payless Shoe outlet or factory. Every year they send up some shoes, usually sneakers or Skechers. This was a fun assortment:

A new pair of Minnetonka moccasins, a pair of Sporto wellies, and a very colorful pair of sneakers! I think that will keep me for the year!

The second package has a story to it. Do any of you (older) folks remember the western from the late 60's called The High Chaparral? This was my all-time favorite t.v. show! Last year I stumbled across reruns on the INSP channel - what a thrill! So I took to Google to see if any cast members were still alive and what they were up to.

I discovered a website and a facebook page. At the time, they had just finished having a High Chaparral Reunion in Tucson, AZ which included a few hundred fans, a couple of cast members and writers. It sounded like they had a wonderful time and were planning another one for March '14.

I decided right then and there that I was going to attend, come "he_ _ or high water". I started saving and came up with enough for the registration fee. During this past year I have made some fantastic H.C. friends on facebook and couldn't wait to meet some of them in person.

Well, during the year I lost my babysitting job (remember Jade?) and our finances were tight anyway. I kept hoping and praying but it wasn't to be. I knew I couldn't get my registration fee back, which was okay, but then the Reunion Coordinator said it would be used as a "sponsor donation". No problem. The reunion was last weekend and I so enjoyed seeing everyone's pics and hearing their stories. Ultimately, I was thrilled when a package arrived which had some Sponsor Gifts in it:

A tote bag from INSP channel, a sponsors badge, my favorite - the coffee mug!, a sample of Arbuckles' coffee which is made in Tucson, an H.C. pen, coaster, pin badge advertising Rudy Ramos' one-man show about Geronimo, and a pack of Hubba Bubba gum - which Don Collier portrayed the Hubba Bubba gunslinger (or gumchewer) in the commercials.

Even though I couldn't attend, I was still able to enjoy the experience with everyone's videos and pics!

Monday, March 24, 2014