Welcome to my very, cherry world! Here's my story ~

Red is my favorite color (with yellow running a close second) and I fell in love with cherries thanks to Mary Engelbreit!

My most favoritest thing is gardening although, here in Massachusetts, I can't do that all year 'round. I'm certainly not an expert, but do love having my hands in the dirt. So, in the "off season" of winter I turn my thoughts more to crafting and thrifting, and watching, Castle, Fringe, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, and (believe it or not) Supernatural!

My husband, "Mister", loves a good (or free) bargain, too. He is always coming home with stuff for me from the thrift stores, the dump (excuse me - the recycle center), or the side of the road. I've dubbed him King of the Freebies!

I have two teen girls, 15 and 19, and they both have Asperger's Syndrome - which is in the Autism spectrum. They both love to draw and the older one is hoping to go to art school next year, as she is high school. Unfortunately, she has severe anxiety issues and rarely leaves the house.

I've been home schooling the younger one since second grade but in Fall, 2011 she was enrolled in public school (9th grade, in the special ed. class), part-time at first, worked up to full-time, and is enjoying it very much!

We have four cats and live in a modular Cape-style home, with an old barn on a 1-1/2 acre parcel of land.

I love yard sales, thrift stores, and antique shops. My vintage style is the 40's and 50's mostly. I collect many different things; some of my favorites being cherry items, red kitchen stuff, old books, Wexford glass, tin canisters, Victorian pointy-roof-house greeting cards, milk jugs (not creamers), small glass jars that I can put "stuff" in, vintage holiday items, and a million other things!

I also love English cottages, cottage gardens, fairies, and love to craft - nothing in particular, just whatever hits my fancy at the moment. I am loving paper crafting that many of my blog friends have introduced me to.

I have to admit that I have an addiction - to Africam! What is it? A website that has live 24-hour cameras focused on three different watering holes in the savannah of South Africa. I stumbled upon it almost four years ago and am logged on every day, usually in the evenings. I have seen just about every critter there is, live on cam - lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, wild dogs, warthogs, Cape buffalo, wildebeest, mongoose, baboons, civet, impala, hippos, all sorts of beautiful birds, and my favorite - the cheetah!

I live in beautiful, historic New England. I am a Christian and go to a lovely, large church here in "MetroWest" Massachusetts.