Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've been nursing a "monthly" migraine for two days now. It subsided for a few hours this afternoon, and now it's just kinda achy, but at least not throbbing. I looked up these kind of migraines on Google and found the following non-medicinal treatments:

1. Avoid missing meals because low blood sugar and hunger are frequent triggers. (no problem here!)

2. Avoid eating sweets or meals the contain a lot of carbohydrates (a crust-less pizza?)

3. Avoid dehydration. (Fruit 2 O and caffeine-free diet Pepsi!)

4. Get a good night's sleep. (tell that to my night sweats!)

5. Stay away from alcohol, chocolate, aged cheeses, and salty foods. (oh good, I can still eat peanut butter!)

6. Participate in a regular aerobic exercise program. (does thinking about it count? )

7. Learn and regularly practice relaxation techniques. (find a happy place, find a happy place . . .)

I also found some interesting (for lack of a better word) vintage ads for pain relief, so I thought I'd share them here; there are six:

(I think I'd be too scared to take the Wolcott's!)

This last one is my favorite - just because I was considered a speed typist in my day. The ad is calculated for 118 words/minute - a little unrealistic, if you ask me. I could type over 90 words a minute or, calculating to strokes, over 32,400 strokes an hour! Pretty impressive, huh?


Kate in NJ said...

I'm impressed! Hope your headache is better.
My Mom was always fond of saying, and I am as well, "You've got more excuses, (complaints etc)
than Carters got pills!"

Romantique Junk ~ Brenda said...

Hi, thanks for dropping a line at my blog ~ ha ha and no I'm not a stalker:) I saw the name of your blog at Gossamer Creations and since I love gardens I thought I'd take a look ~ Your blog is so interesting I just had to follow along.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Great ads! Hope your headache is better. laurie

Joyce said...

That was SO CRACKING me know what though I have had a "semi" migrane type thing going on for several days and I think it's mainly sinus pressure.
Do you have a little sinus pot thingy??....try that. You rinse your sinus' with it.
It's helped me the past few days a bit. That and some sinus pills...over the counter stuff.

OF course where I live we have YEAR round mold and general "Crud" in the air know it's probably some crazy thing like that for me.
Not the sweets or anything.
Hope your feeling better.

Traci said...

EWWWWWW, I get the also....and the day after is called THE BRAIN BRUISE....that is what I call it. I woudn't wish them on my worst enemy. I've even blogged about them....just search MIGRAINE on my blog....