Sunday, February 1, 2009

House Keeping

(Today is Tuesday, the 3rd. I just started thinking about this on Sunday.)

Well, it's not that I could use one, but I sure would like one! In the winter it's not so bad because, here in New England, you're pretty much "trapped" indoors - so you might as well do housework. But then I discovered blogging . . . so much for Susie Homemaker!

Now, in the Spring through Fall I definitely need a maid. I'm out in the garden 24/7, or as much as possible, experiencing C.H.A.O.S. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)!

I've read the books and websites on organizing/cleaning, such as S.H.E.
(Sidetracked Home Executives) and FlyLady (she likes fly fishing), etc. I liked FlyLady - bought her feather duster (doesn't work on my knick-knacks), her digital timer (WAY too loud), and her purple t-shirt (wear it often enough), and used her website for a long time.

I've been following Brocante Home Chronicles off and on for some time now. Brocante is a French word for "flea market, junk shop, second-hand". That's how I like to decorate! I've joined their Vintage Housekeepers Circle (see my sidebar). Very, very helpful hints and treats presented in a gentle, loving, non-condemning way.
I eventually put together my own little planner that works for me. Well, it would if I used it. I'm not a disciplined person anymore and, let's face it, I just don't (and never did) like housework!
I do need to work on discipline, though, and this M.E. quote is inspiring. Yup . . . this about sums it up!


Kathy said...

lol the top picture is the cutest and it's probably true! I am your opposite. :-D I can't relax unless it's clean. It's not always a good thing. People gripe at me to sit down a lot. Ha ha

JudyBug said...

How funny to see this post just now. I've been on the FlyLady site all day. I need some structure in my day and I thought she might be able to help me. Hmm, that's a lot of structure!

Lori said...

i am a freak about being you would think i would keep after the dusting and vacuuming better...but i am not so good about those...i am happy though when everything is clean and smelling fresh...thanks for stopping over to visit with me!!!