Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Computer Shelf

Over at Vintage Thingies Thursdays this week, someone shared the shelf above their kitchen sink where some of her favorite things were - because she's always there and sees them most. Great idea! Some of my favorite things are on the shelves above my computer, because that's where I am a lot. Let's take a "tour":

This is the whole kit & kaboodle, then I'll show close-ups of each section.
Starting from the top left, is the Currier & Ives illustration I printed from the internet for our home school, a vintage box of thumb tacks, a "clay" pot my dd made from some yard mud, a Hello Kitty gardener my other dd gave me, and a Willow Tree "Angel of the Garden" my MOL gave me.
On the top, middle, is an enamelware with green rim box that I keep some home school cd's in, a Mary Engelbreit photo magnet that says "A Little House ~a house of my own~ Out of the wind's and the rain's way.", and a Gnomes soldered art I purchased on eBay.
Top right is my fake-repro lunchbox by Moda, and an unknown vase.
Middle shelf is, on the left, gardening, birds, home books and a bookend I showed a few weeks back. In the middle are two fairies and a mirror - the left one is by Munroe "faerie glen" series and the other is a Cicely Mary Barker.
To the right are my ever-lovin' gnomes with some vintage Oriental garden, probably fishtank, pieces.
The bottom left shelf hosts an Anchor Hocking retro green mug and a glove(?) box that I keep stamps and address labels in. Press the rooster's wings and he gives a wake-up call! Comes in handy with my teen!
The bottom right is what I call my Red Hat Society - didn't group them by head gear intentionally, though. The dog has no tag, but the other two are marked Japan. They all get along well.

And, finally, in the middle are two items my pre-teen dd made for me this year. A tulip using some of my plant labels for leaves, and a picture depicting a leopard, jackals, and two rangers that we saw on Africam earlier this year.Hope you enjoyed these, and have a great Saturday everyone!


♥ Kathy said...

Oh I love it..the tulip at the end is the most precious and the unknown vase is really interesting to me :) Happy Saturday!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a cheery and special place to work. Love the Fairies. And the enamel pan just jumped at thought about using one for DVDs.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I can see why you love all of these treasures. I am really loving that reproduction lunch box. What a great idea for CD storage. laurie

Kate in NJ said...

I keep cleaning off the shelves above my desk,
but other people keep shoving stuff there too.
It is NOT photo worthy. lol
Yours is delightful!