Wednesday, February 18, 2009

REDnesday #5

Welcome to another REDnesday here at My Secret Garden! The first item I will show you is this tower-of-birdhouses decoration from Gardener's Supply Company. To store, each layer comes off and nests inside the one beneath it until you get to the bottom, and the roof lifts up on hinges to store the other layers! Like kids building blocks but for grown-ups! I didn't notice the wreath on it until the other day - who cares, I'm leaving it up year-round! It stands about 25" tall.

Alas, I had to finally put away my Christmas/winter dishes! You can see the sandwich tray, creamer and sugar in the photo. They are by Villeroy & Boch. About 25 years ago I lived in Belgium (doing lay missionary work in graphic arts), and we would travel down to Luxembourg to the V&B factory store. Of course, over there, prices were way cheap. I fell in love with their patterns and was dismayed when finding they were expensive stuff here in the States. But, I have a nice mother-in-law who has given me some as gifts over the years, and I'm eternally grateful to my local Home Goods and Marshalls for offering some at low prices occasionally!

I love my Mary Engelbreit coffee mugs! I showed you my favorite cherries one on the first REDnesday. Here are two more - part of a set-of-four cottages. You only get to see these two today because the others have tan roofs, not red!

And, finally, something silly. My teen dd never liked to call me Mom since about mid-elementary school. For a few years she called me Mum-Buddy, then switched it to Lady Person, and now it's just Lady. She calls her father Mister instead of Dad, too! Here's a tag from Christmas she put on my gift "To: Lady, From: Awesome" - I keep it here on my computer!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Oh my, I love that bright happy bird house. The white and red looks so crisp and clean. Thanks for sharing

♥ Kathy said...

I like the coffee cups :) (I collect them lol)