Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Here!

Well, it's finally here! I made this countdown calendar last year. It counts down from January first until Spring, with a different floral pic for each day. I keep it in a plastic page protector so I can cross off each day with a marker and still re-use it.

On Africam, at this very moment (5:30 p.m. SA time), the lodge chef has brought his cooking supplies down beside the watering hole and is cooking up a braai, which is the South African word for barbecue. He has his cast iron pots over a wood fire and is cooking up a storm! He mentioned that the weather is beautiful, and the view also - with zebras and wildebeests in the background. Looks yummy! They do this about once a year to show the viewers a little of the culture.
This photo shows the fire pit, a few of the rangers, and some local singers putting on a show for the viewers.

A note about my VTT post yesterday: from the comments I received, it's safe to say that the pink box is a q-tip container.