Sunday, June 7, 2009


Isn't this just the cat's meow? Or should I say the butterfly's wings! Another wonderful creation from the talented Dame Penniwig. I'm really looking forward to summer this year. I'm not going anywhere, but I don't have any heavy-duty garden work scheduled (hopefully!). I'm going to just enjoy what I have these coming months and not worry about what I don't have.

I will enjoy my flowers: Geranium sanguineum 'nanum'
Lavender Mountain Lilies
Oriental Poppy 'Princess Victoria Louise'
I will enjoy my house:

I will enjoy my family:

Pre-Teen (goof!)

Teen (edit: Teen is a girl - in costume!)
I'll enjoy our Cats: (Smokey, K.C., and Calico are sisters)



and Chloe
And, I will try to enjoy the Lord most of all!


Kate in NJ said...

Fabulous plan!!
Love the Olde Dame's artwork (as always) and your photos!!

abby jenkins said...

/Users/jeff/Desktop/want tis.jpg

I just planted that poppy in my garden! Nice to see what it looks like in flower.

Hallelujah! Rejoice, Rejoice!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I could stare at that lilac lily all day. What an amazing and delicate flower!

Your house sure is pretty, dearie! What sweet goofy girls you have, too!!! And the cats! *kiss kiss* on their little noses!

I think your plan of enjoying house and hearth "as is" is a GOOD one! Just a nice relaxing summer!

Rubyred said...

Hello Sue, how lovely to meet you!Just noticed you are following my blog, so I thought I'd pop over and say Hello!
Love the pictures of your flowers,and your gorgeous white dresser,did you paint it yourself?
I see your blog has been Happified, how wonderful!
Rachel x

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, I just fell in love with your kitchen! laurie

Dolly said...

Be still my heart!!!
I am a cherry girl too....
Love love love all the red goodness in your pretty dinning room!
And that pink poppy....... oh la la!
I must find some for my garden.

Silly girls and precious kitties...what more could a girl ask for!

Nice to meet you Sue!
Come by and visit some time!