Monday, October 26, 2009


. . . she'll have to accept the fact that you'll be stopping at a thrift store on the way home!

I'm glad we did! She had fun and we both walked out with a few good deals. Teen picked up a few old books in a foreign language that we can't figure out, an oversized plastic cigar, a Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) action figure, and a small powder-wig French figurine.

I found an Anchor Hocking Wexford Chip & Dip set.

This is a Sonoma "Cherries Jubilee" candy dish? or planter thingy, accompanied by two little wood ornaments. (I know, it's not Rednesday yet - but I couldn't wait!)
Made out pretty good today, especially since they were having a half-off sale!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sue!
Love the post. So love your treasures as I love cherry things too.

Thank you for stopping by this morning, and for allowing me to share my poem I wrote for Amy Dawn. She was so beautiful inside and out. I am so thrilled that so many people got to know her. You would have loved her giggle, and her smile. She lit up the room.

I am saddened I will not be able to be there tomorrow for the service, but seeing as how I was just home for 2 weeks, I will not get to go back. Amy knows I am there in spirit, and she knows how much I loved her.

Thanks for stopping by Sue. I love it when you visit. Country hugs and love, Sherry

LV said...

You made a haul on your thrift store visit. Those are all great buys. Nicely done.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, that cherry candy dish is just one of the cutest things ever! Isn't it fun when your teen decides to enjoy thrifting too. laurie

LillySue said...

I just found you thru Carol at Old Glory Cottage. I LOVE red and would love to participate in your Rednesdays in the future!
Love cherries too. the bowl is a keeper!

Dolly said...

I love those cherry dishes....I have 4 that we use for ice cream and pudding and such desserts!

Love your red-nesdays!