Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm so glad there's a thrift store beside a post office in a nearby town! Had to get to the P.O. by noon today (drat those Saturday hours!) and Mister said, "Let's go to the other one and stop in at the thrift store." Did you hear me complaining? Got lots of loot real cheap today, here's some of it:

I just love this yellow plate! It has the prettiest Spring flowers on it, and will be hung in my yellow pantry. The red saucer is a W. H. Grindley, Staffordshire, "English Country Inns" series. This one is George & Dragon. The white thingy has a sunflower design on it - turn it upside down and it's a candle holder! I already had one, and now a matching pair.

A few linens . . . I was so happy to find the purple dresser scarf, because I have a cabinet in the purple bathroom that it will fit nicely on. A pink & pink doily and dainty blue handkerchief.

I got this for Teen - it's a Japanese calendar print bandana-type cotton. Cute graphics around it.

Lastly, a pretty brooch with a rose on it; a little wooden sled guy wearing purple (for the purple bath); a celluloid (maybe) angel holding a banner that says "Gloria in Excelsis Deo"; and an interesting brass ornament that's 3-sided, and represents The Nutcracker - one side has the nutcracker soldier, one has the mouse king, and the last has Clara and her brother peeking out from behind curtains.

I also got a few platters, a gravy boat and two gravy saucers, a big old mixing bowl - these are for Vintage Thingies Thursdays, and a few red items (for Rednesday). I think this was the best thrift store day I've ever had!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I think that being out in the desert, in a town that is not very old, has doomed me to never find anything good at the thrift shop. It's all just very recent junk. Wah! But you really lucked out!!! The little doily is wonderful. I could see that brightening up any place it's put!

Dawn said...

Wow a thrift store loving hubby, that's great! Nice finds. Love those plates!

Amrita said...

Hi Sue , I want to say a big thank you for sending me the night phlox seeds and pretty card. I got them safely. I shall plant the seeds a little later this month when the day temp. comes down a bit. I love the flowers.

Hugs, Amrita

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Great finds, what a fun time you had. I could spend hours and hours in thrift stores.
Enjoy your day,