Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"Holy cow, not Christmas posts already!", she says as she staggers back into her chair after reading the header today.

Yup. But there's a reason for it; actually, two. First, I'm going to show you some awesome thrift store bargains that I picked up on Monday. Second, I'm introducing my new (and first ever) Craft Blog. Come along . . .

I'll start with the craft blog. I've always been an Artsy-Fartsy type of gal, and love to craft. There's never been a whole lot of time for it, what with raising two Aspy kids and my gardening passion. But this year I had a few ideas rolling around in the back of my head, so I decided, "Why not?"!

I don't have the confidence to open an Etsy or Lollishop store yet. If I plan all year, I might do one next year. Send out a prayer and wish me luck!

You may enter my craft blog, called Very Cherry Crafts!, by clicking on this button. Feel free to add this button to your sidebar, too. Enjoy your visit!

Monday I went to the thrift-store-beside-the-post-office, not expecting to find anything. Usually pickings are slim right after the weekend. But, I think everyone knew that I'd be heading that way, so they saved all the good stuff for me! Wasn't that thoughtful?

This little guy is 6" (15cm) tall and made in Japan. I'm going to put him on Ebay - unless any of you want him!

Four colorful Christmas poinsettia & holly napkins.

A cute patterned vintage Christmas stocking.

Two funky retro electric lamps.

Two blow mold candles that are 13-1/2" tall (34cm), and a string of (newer) bubble lights.

If you go to Monday's post you'll see all the smaller goodies I picked up also. Now, can you believe that I got all of this (plus the small items) at the unbelievable price of $5.00 for the whole box? I still can't believe it! What a great experience!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the interesting red items you have to share!


~~Carol~~ said...

Sue, your new header is so cute! And congrats on starting your craft blog. It's so stinkin' cute, and I'm sure it will be a success!
Love all of your thrifty finds, especially those blow mold candles!
Happy Rednesday!

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Great finds! I love those retro lamps. Can't wait to see your Etsy store. What a great idea for a crafty gal!

Christi @ A Southern Life

claudie said...

Hi Sue
Don't you just LOVE thrift stores? What a bargain at $5.00. I scored yesterday also, but no Xmas things yet.. coming soon.
Thanks and Happy Rednesday
Love Claudie

Barbara Jean said...

I'm getting out my Christmas reds too.

thanks for hosting

barbara jean

Bearly Sane said...

Don't remind me ... I'm still getting over all the Halloween stuff. Some great finds there.
Happy REDnesday to you Sue!

Candy said...

Well you did find some good goodies. And I encourage you to go for the Esty Shop. I just opened a booth (after dreaming for quite some time) it is fun and I just know you will enjoy it. GO FOR IT! And remember...your fears are not half as scary looking BACK on them ;-)

Robin Ennis Willson said...

I love all your reds and have a lot of the same things :)
I looked at your new blog...you have lots of beautiful things! Good luck with your new venture! And absolutely LOVE that graphic you used.

Brenda said...

Love the tablecloth and napkins! Good luck with your new blog and thanks for stopping by!

Shelley Germann said...

Love all your finds, especially your stocking! You know I have some I made almost twenty years ago when my husband and I were just married, they are similar. After twenty years aren't they considered vintage? Oh, that's a scary thought! I had thought about replacing them recently. What was I thinking.

I'll be checking out your crafty blog, too. I'm trying to get through all my mail! Expect to hear again from me soon!