Friday, December 18, 2009


Oh, dear! The weatherman is predicting a major snowstorm tomorrow (Saturday) night for the northeast of the U.S. Sunday will be a good day for baking some Christmas goodies!

I picked up some last minute stocking stuffers this morning after my mammogram (ouch!), then my niece drove out from Boston to have egg salad sandwiches for lunch! That's a nice segue to show you my vintage stockings!

This first one I bought because I believe it's the design of the one I had as a kid. Unfortunately, mine was ruined by being colored and written on (by me!). Even though this one is a genuine vintage item, I was so surprised to find out how big it is when it arrived - it's a whopping 26"/66cm long! Much larger than the standard sized 17"/43cm stockings.

My sister gave me this kids snow shovel when she moved this year. I was so excited to get it!


Linda said...

Very cute stockings and I love the kids snow shovel! Stay Warm!!!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

pretty cute stockings! love the first photo on this post of yours.. warm wishes

Dawn said...

Cute stockings Sue. I'm sorry I missed Rednesday this week. I wasn't sure I'd get a post together then finally got to it late Wed. Of course it was full of red being Christmas decor!

Dawn said...

Fun stuff.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What neato stuff! Love your stockings, and oh..that shovel!

Cindy said...

Those vintage stockings are really cool! The Scandinavian print of the little girls making cookies is precious!