Saturday, January 2, 2010


I was cleaning Pre-Teen's room a few days back and while doing so decided to count her paper money that was crumpled up in a box. The kid had $250 in there! She's one of those rare kids that never spends money and never wants anything; she's very satisfied with what she has.

Now that I knew all that cash was in her room, I decided to put it in the bank (which is conveniently located on one side of the post office. Remember what's on the other side of the p.o.? My fave thrift store! So, of course I had to stop in! Also, around the corner is a small consignment store that I noticed a few weeks back (been there almost a year, I found out). So . . . here's what I brought home:

From the consignment shop I got six matching strands of tree beads for $2.50. I've never had matching beads - don't know why but just a bunch of various ones.

Also this cute little dish for $.75. It's very thin, might be porcelain. Not sure what it's for, it's 6" x 2.75" (15cm x 7cm).

These are from the thrift shop:
Another pretty cup for the purple bath. Look at the cute flower inside of it!

A few books for me and Pre-Teen (plus some Garfield books) -
Some votive holders and this cute jar -
Hey, look! My Calibrachoa is blooming! A nice sight on a snowy day. I had them in a hanging basket and at end of season just dumped the shell into a bowl.


Linda said...

Oh good finds! Love the beads, can never have too many in my opinion!

Happy New Year!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh my goodness sweetie...
You are ahead of me, I haven't even gotten out yet today. But I am going in awhile. I am slow for some reason. So many little projects that need to get done first. I am still packing up Christmas stuff too.

Love the little dish, and that teacup is devine. I love the little flower inside. Such a sweet surprise at the end of a cup. Love it.

Thank you for sharing sweetie. I love it when you do.

Happy New Year too. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Marydon Ford said...

Bobsey Twins, Trixie Belden, etc., oh, the hours wiled away in childhood reading those wonderful mysteries.

Love your rose cup.

Happy New Year! May your year bring beauty, joy & blessings ...
TTFN ~ Marydon

Ruby said...

Great finds. Books and the purple tea cup are my favorites. Smart kid!

Anonymous said...

I love that teacup! So pretty. Happy New Year!!

Dawn said...

Hi Sue, just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year.

That's quite a girl you've got! My kids have no idea about the value of money. My daughter even ripped a $20 in half because she was frustrated she couldn't fold it up right to put it in her bank!

We're trying to teach each of them the $1.oo more method. They pay with ones and learn to count the whole dollars plus one so if someone doesn't give them the correct change they won't be out too much. I doubt either will ever be able to manage their own money, but they like to spend it!

See you Rednesday.