Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've finally got about 99% of my holiday stuff put away. The cats are so happy to have the extra space back in the living room (sans tree) to play in! I was recently asked, "Where do you store your Christmas decorations? You have so many!". Come, I'll show you!

Everything goes in the (unfinished) basement. Mister bought some cabinets on sale about five years ago and kindly gave them to me to use. (After all, he does have a barn and two sheds of his own!)

This is my Christmas cabinet. It holds almost everything except for the china/glasses/mugs.

These two cabinets house other seasonal stuff, plus china and glassware, and the closed door has craft stuff behind it.
And, there you have it! Any of you want to share where you keep your decorations?


bj said...

Wonderful storage...almost like Phyliss over at AROUND THE HOUSE.

We put ours up in the attic. Pull down stairs makes it easy for us and keeps them out of the way for another year.
xo bj

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Jealous! Yes, I must confess, I'm jealous! I have to get Worker Bee to get everything down from our holiday storage areas. I'll have to post him putting everything away. It's quite a challenge. I love how organized your cupboards are. Very nice! So glad you shared!

Susie's country cottage said...

You have inspired me now to try a tidy up a bit! Oh how I wish I could be this organised! The cupboards are brilliant.

Sandy said...

WOW....I wish my stuff would fit in a great cabinet like this.....but I have just too many larger things. I am so jealous of your basement! I would love a basement....:)

Elly said...

Thabnks for showing! I was one of the curious girls, hahaha!!! Oh my, you've really much decorations! I've already noticed some cute bunnies, well, I've to wait a while before I'll see them on your blog I suppose!
Have a nice week!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I juse have one of those Xerox boxes, the kind reams come in, stuffed in the linen closet...don't have much in the way of decorations anymore!!! But your storage area is wonderful and so very neat!

Linda said...

I'm going to do some storage in cabinets also. I found an old cabinet and while it has made it to the carport hasn't made it to the basement yet. I want it strictly for Christmas Dishes and glassware.