Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Nothing special here, but it might spark some creativity in your little head!

I used to keep my coffee filters in this beautiful swan bowl but, alas, my butter fingers dropped a coffee mug from the above shelf onto it and it broke to pieces (some months ago).

Since then I just cut the filter box and stuck it to the fridge with a magnet ~

I like it there - it frees up counter space but it obviously doesn't look right. So . . . . I decided to spruce it up with a piece of scrapbook paper (from Me & My Big Ideas) and a laminate sheet ~

Now it looks like this ~
See you tonight/tomorrow for Rednesday!



Clever idea. Too bad your lovely bowl broke.

Cozy Little House said...

Well, how creative and cute this is!

Julie said...

Awwww. sorry about your swan bowl..but you sure were creative to repurpose the box and the makeover is just too cute. I am lovin' your red coffemaker!! Sweet Red! Have a great Red Wednesday!~

Laura said...

Love it!

That is the way to use the space you have, make things easy to get to, and cute as can be!

Linda said...

Nice way to save space and it looks great! Good Idea!

Sandy said...

How cute! Isn't it fun to redo the simplest of items into "cute" ?

Neabear said...

What a great idea! And your RED coffeemaker looks great too.