Saturday, February 13, 2010


You heard it here (there) first, folks! The Ol' Western Gal herself has predicted that "polka dots are going to make a resurgence". (Go visit the Old Dame, oops! I mean Gal, at her new stomping grounds - Banner Haus News.)

Wha? Huh? Hubawha?! I didn't know they were un-resurged! Girls, here in BlogLand, we know dotties are always in style! Personally, I happen to like red polka dots!

Have a very spotty, dotty weekend!


GRAMS said...

oooh I love Polka Dots too. Checks and polka dots. Yummy

Sharon said...

Oh how I love polka dots.....Red and white and black and white are favorites. I love polka dots on dishes, glasses, paper, ribbon...oh I could go on and on.....good post

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Polka dots are so easy to blend with other patterns. Who doesn't love them? They're always in style - especially red ones.

Mick said...


Marydon Ford said...

G'day ~ They are snowing up in spring magazines everywhere ... love them.
Ribbons, dishes, fabrics ... everywhere.

Happy Valentine's
Have a loving weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

Sandy said...

Oh I so agree! Polka Dots are ALWAYS in!!!!!!! Happy Valentines Day Sue!

Holly, the Ol' Western Gal said...

Oh, yer DOTTY GALS alright!!!

Polkadots are just going to be EVERYWHERE, I do believe! And I'm glad!

AshTreeCottage said...

Love the ribbon.

Susan and Bentley

Vintage Whimsy said...

I love polka dots. Have you seen all of the new polka dot housewares at Target?! Adorable! I'm trying to show some restrain and not go buy one of everything! I can feel my willpower wearing thin though. lol

Happy Valentine's Day!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Love your reds! Looking forward to the next Rednesday!

Creative Breathing said...

Dotties? My new favorite word! I will never look at polka dots the same way again! Elizabeth