Monday, March 22, 2010


Mister's grandfather turns 100 tomorrow, March 23d! I think that qualifies him as an official antique! Gee, maybe I should have saved this post for Vintage Thingies Thursday!

His (and my MIL's) church had a party for him Sunday afternoon. He was a pastor in his younger day, and he also married Mister and me! Would you believe that he was driving up until about three months ago? And the only reason he stopped was because of his bad hip - not his eyesight or anything! Amazing! Here are a few party photos:

This is Grampy (Thomas Alton Stewart) in his Stewart plaids - he's from Nova Scotia.

We had a bagpiper for entertainment - he played about 8 or 10 tunes.

This is Me, Grampy, MIL, Teen, and Mister. Pre-teen left earlier with her cousin.
Tonight we all (Grampy, MIL, Mister, me, Pre-teen, Mister's two brothers, two little cousins, and a few of the Nova Scotia relatives) went to dinner at Bugaboo Creek.

A good time was had by all!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Grampy! 100 years-- that's so amazing. Wishing him continued good health and happiness!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa! You are looking very handsome in your plaid sports jackets!

100 years is am amazing! Like they say, the first 100 years are the hardest. It's party time from here on end! ;)

Hope all your birthday wishes come true!


Betsy said...

Isn't he just soo cute in his plaid! Hope he has a wonderful day tomorrow! :)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Wish that Nova Scotian a very Happy 100th Birthday from this Nova Scotian!

It's my darling Mexican daughter's 17th birthday tomorrow. Carrot cake and shrimp pasta for her!

Sandy said...

I also want to with Grampy a Happy Happy 100th!!!! That is an amzing feat!!!! ANd now I get to know what you and your hubby look like! It is always nice to put a face to the name! :)

Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

What a handsome fella! I love Grampy!


My Passionate Pink Life said...

Have a Happy 100th Birthday! that is just wonderful!! Hugs, Jennifer

Cindy said...

Please tell me that you have documented his life!! What stories he must tell.
Your family is lovely..teens always just hit and miss these
With both his parents at this age..your hubby has alot to look forward to in his life!!

Cindy from Tx

AshTreeCottage said...

Well Grampy, you are a real cutie! You look quite handsome in your tartan sport jacket and tie. I wish you many more happy years. I would love to hear you play the bagpipe!!

Susan and Bentley

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Grampy! What a wonderful celebration! Your family looks so lovely. I love the Stewart plaid jacket!

Liszha said...

Wow! one hundred years old! Congratulations! And so thoughtful of him to wear a red jacket for you! ;-)

The Little Red Shop said...

How wonderful! Happy 100th Birthday to your Grampy!

: )

julie M.

Shelley said...

A very Happy Birthday to dad swears he will live to see his 100th B-D...I hope he makes it..he will be 80th next pretty you are...good to she your picture....blessings

Shelley said...

whoops....I mean ..good to see....

~~Carol~~ said...

What a darling man he is in his plaid jacket! Happy Birthday to Grandpa! God Bless him, that he could still be driving if not for the bum hip. I bet he's still sharp as a tack too. And it's good to see you too, Sue! I'm happy to have a pretty face to go along with your cherry world. Can I have your gorgeous hair, please?!
See you later for Rednesday!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Grampy! Bless your heart. I love his Stewart plaids. DH's and my 20th Wedding Anniversary is today, the 23rd. How nice to share a special date with Grampy :)

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

He looks sharp in his plaids!

You have such long hair! So beautiful!!! Wah! Mine is growning a tiny bit since I went crazy and chopped it off after that dye job attempt.

Shelley Germann said...

Happy, happy 100th, Grampy! He really is a snappy dresser! He looks so festive!

Great family photo....BTW!

daylily777 said...

Wow , Happy 100th to your grandfather in law ! Looked like a grand celebration !