Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Okay, everyone, are you all wearing white now that Memorial Day is over here in the States? (I'm not - have pink on!) It's unofficially summer now!

“Hey, that’s the way we do it,
new friends and blue skies that never end.
Hey, that’s the way we like it,
good times, sunshine and summertime."

(Sunshine and Summertime
sung by Faith Hill)

I made my June Tag-Along already ~
This little girl (courtesy of Two Crazy Crafters) is finishing up school this month, and dreaming of all the fun she'll have during vacation! Pics are from a 1956 school reader called Down Our Way.

Here's a few pretty flowers in the garden ~

Ajuga reptans 'Golden Glow' and Bluets

variegated Weigela

Delphinium with Irises


ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

I'm wearing white and pink!! Love all the pretty flowers!


Linda said...

Happy June! It's my Birthday month so I love JUNE!!

Cheeseboy said...

Your garden is looks killer awesome. (That is a good thing.)

My Burt Reynold's post is up. I want to send a special thank you your way for helping me achieve this goal. I have a new goal now.

Sandy said...

Your flowers are stunning , but that tag is SOOOO cute!!!! I love the images from the book....I am going to have to start looking for those vintage readers.....:) I still am in slow gear...but I am getting out today no matter how hot it is! We re suppose to have possible 111 degress by Friday! I hate this time of year!!!!! I wish I could enjoy summer as all of you do...outside and enjoying the weather....but my winters beat your winters all to heck! LOL Have a great week! And I will get busy on that tag! :)

Sandy said...

Went over to the girls blog....didn't see the cute image, am I missing sometyhing???? :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful blooms in your garden! Cute tag . . . and I'm wearing jeans and a white shirt which is pretty much my uniform. :-) ~ Sarah

Marydon Ford said...

Lovely florals, some I do not know.

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Anonymous said...

I'll wear my white pumps tomorrow and think of you. Well, minus the white pumps.

Also, I love the flowers, as always. Remind me of my parents' garden. Lovely!

Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said...

Gorgeous! And I am thinking of you a lot during cherry season!

Melody said...

Hi Sue!
What a pretty garden! Hey I know you wrote about aluminum in a comment on my last blog blog post. I need to to talk to you can you give me a call right away..513.708.8106...................or e-mail me your number.....
and I'll call you...I'm so excited.

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Oh, I so love the bottom pic!

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Oh, I so love the bottom pic!