Friday, October 29, 2010


The sun was shining into my "play room" this morning, so I took a shot. It was so nice and bright and sunny! Of course my point-and-click camera makes it look cloudy. This next photo is to the left of the door. (Oops! Crooked picture in the picture!)

I have my Africam cameras on while I'm working, and a herd of water buffalo decided to grace us with their presence! They all took turns rolling in the mud!

This is a shelf in the playroom.

For those of you not familiar with my "playroom", it was originally the dining room in our house plans but I claimed it for my own. It houses my washer/dryer, computer table, pantry shelves, craft stuff, eBay/Etsy stuff, plants and plant stuff, home school books, and (eeuw!) the litter box! Why the litter box, you might ask? Well, no one wants it in the bathroom and we tried it in the basement, but out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Besides, it's cold down there in the winter! Thank goodness the cats only use it during the winter.

Mister picked up this framed photo a few months ago because he liked it. I do, too, but we just don't know where to hang it. As you can see (because I put a yardstick beside it) it's quite long. Her body looks a bit scrunched, but that's just from the angle. Actually, these Victorian-style photos always seem a little spooky to me!

I can't wait for tomorrow! It's the semi-annual auction that our fave thrift store hosts. Mister helped them in the Spring and I went, too. It was fun! The proceeds go to helping a prison ministry.


Sandy said...

I agree, I have a hard time with Victorian photos of people I do not know...but she sure is beautiful and don't you love her figure? Women had curves back then! I always think there is soemone out there that would just swoon over a photo like this, and it is frustrating to see them in antique stores and such. I am envious of you....going to a auction, I imagine there are tones of things you could bring home! I love your sunny little corner, and those curtains are so cute!!!! Sandy

Creative Breathing said...

What a sunny room! Yellow! I just love it especially with your white trim. Good luck at the auction. I wish ours had them! Have a wonderful Halloween! Elizabeth

Cindy said...

Sue I love those curtains!! They remind me of my great aunts bedroom curtains in the 50's. My mother never liked her bold taste..I craved it. lol

Love that room.

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Cheeseboy said...

Yeah, those photos have always been freaky to me too. But then, I realized, those people are all probably dead and that freaked me out more.

Good luck at the big event tomorrow!

Dawn said...

What a cheery room!I love the yellow.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Love, love, love those yellow check curtains with the cherry border. After browsing your Site just a bit, I understand your delight in my red and white polka-dot mugs. I'm a lover of red, too!
Take care,

Genie said...

Oh, My! Your yellow room is YUMMY!!! It is lovely.

Angela said...

Just so bright and cheery. I love it..Love that pic that Mister got..I was thinking of starting to get some prints like that to use for Halloween. Like you, they do seem a bit 'spooky' but still just beautiful...
I'm busy getting my Rednesday post ready for tomorrow. Can you tell I'm excited,lol.