Thursday, October 20, 2011


A local nursing home/rehab has a holiday craft fair every year where the residents make stuff to sell. This year they put out the call for family and friends to help out, so I made some tags and a few other items to donate:

This "frame" is a bamboo coaster. I love the Tea tag - just might make one for myself!

The butterfly here is 3-d, but you can't see it. I love how pretty the bead fringe looks from the camera flash! On the Shine tag, on the bottom ruffle, I used two Fastenater staples. The Fastenater was on clearance at Michael's recently; originally $30 marked down to $10 - not worth $30 in my book, but I love it!

These are mini composition notebooks.

Some Christmas ornaments make with wood stars.

I made these wands last year to sell on Etsy, but the pics on the printer paper blurred slightly from the decoupage. They're good enough for the craft fair, but (someday) I'll make more with clearer pics for Etsy.

I also made this simple Autumn banner. I tried to stay away from making Christmas items, as everyone does that.

When I bought the Fastenater, I also picked up this 12" pad on clearance. Originally $14.99, marked down to $4.99; when I got to the register it rang up as $2.99. Now, that's a bargain! And a very pretty one at that!


Carly said...

Adorable tags!

Melody said...

Those'll be a hit at the sale.
What a great deal on the lucky.

LBP said...

Good Luck at the craft fair! You have some very cute items! Don't you just love a surprise at the register like that??? Very pretty paper!



LV said...

It is so nice you can do so many different things. Very creative mind. What you did to help those seniors is wonderful. More people need to get involved.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

What pretty items you have posted! I recently joined your blog, and think it is fun. My favorite color is red, beside my other which is green. Is it okay to have two favorite colors? So I love the Rednesday! Is that Wednesday post something Red? Cherries and dots are cool, too.
Little Susie Home Maker