Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Welcome to Rednesday! What do you think of my new header? My tribute to Steampunk. I'm not into steampunk, but some of it is cool. Do any of you watch Warehouse 13? The warehouse is like a steampunk museum - so cool! In fact, the item on the right side of the header is a "Farnsworth" communicator from the show!

Hey, guess what? Pidgie has a friend! Actually, two. The one in the photo and another one that's a darker color, almost black. The owner had said that when he released his pigeons, 11 out of approx. 70 hadn't returned. I guess these three found each other!

Yesterday morning (Tuesday), we had a tree cutter come from the electric company to clear a few dead branches that were above our lines. And, being that their truck was part red, I took a pic!

On Monday, as I was heading home from WalMart I noticed a good-sized yard sale. So, I went home and got Mister, and headed back to it. Here's what I got:

First, a nice vintage garden claw, "Made in England" ~

Here's a stash of cool jewelry, purple acorns and an "S" among them ~

At first I thought this was a small tablecloth but, when I got home, I figured it must be a curtain panel, hand-embroidered. The fabric is thin, like the kind a man's handkerchief is made of ~


Chenille Cottage said...

Oh...My goodness! I can't believe that I got to post right after you pushed the button, Sue!
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my love of the color RED!
I hope you have a great week!

Chenille Cottage said...

Oooops....I almost slipped up and didn't mention how much I love your new header!

The French Hutch said...

The new header is fabulous! Those power lines are a scary sight on the trees. Interesting reds. Thanks for hosting.

The French Hutch

LV said...

Your header was the first thing that caught my eye. I really like it as you have a lot of older things that I have seen. I also like all your finds at the sales. Those pigeons know when they find a good home.

Liz said...

I love the embroidery! Very beautiful! And your new header is awesome! Liz


YES, I do like your new banner! I need to find one that I like for my blog! Guess I'm "creative"! LOL!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I like your new header! It's fun to change things around! Love that embroidered piece, I bet it would be lovely as a table runner. Happy Rednesday! Hugs, Linda

Susan Freeman said...

My husband and I both like Warehouse 13. What a fun and quirky show. I have not watched it for a while though because it seems like the channel it airs on keeps getting changed. Love that red vintage garden claw! Thanks for hosting!!

Susan and Bentley

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I love Warehouse 13!
Happy Rednesday!

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Thanks for hosting! Wishing you a great week :) Great banner!

Visits With Mary said...

Love your new header! I noticed it right away. Happy Rednesday !

Jill said...

Great new header - thanks for hosting every week.....

Jeannie Marie said...

Love the new header! I always enjoy stopping by to see you!

MommaRock said...

I love your RED! I am back to blogging and will participate in Rednesday next week, I hope.
I came via clicking on links from another blog (sorry I don't know which one, cause I have been bouncing all over) but I am sure glad I happened to your blog. I will follow you now.
I have yet to see Warehouse13, but I have it on disk to be able to watch one of these days.
Take care!
An Unfinished Project

MommaRock said...

Oh... and I love steampunk! Your header is really nice!

Susy said...

Hi ~ I'm back for Rednesday (: And I'm lovin' the "S" pin as well as the ACORN pin. Great G-sale finds!

It's sprinkling here and making for a cozy day for blogging.

Have a great rest of the week (:

Unknown said...

Hi Sue! Boy have I missed talkin to you. I have been away sooo long due to family illesses, but hopefully things have settled down for a while and I can visit, just know your blog has brightened my days these past 3 months.
I love Warehouse 13, but have to catch it on Hulu cause I'm not home from Mom and Dad's till after it's over..sigh.
Great finds at that yaed sale...especially those great red and white panels.
As always thanks for hosting.