Saturday, April 5, 2014


Mister had yesterday off from work, so we went over to one of our local thrift shops! I got some great vintage items - all with red, of course!

I couldn't believe these Red Riding Hood S&P's were there! Of course I had no intention of getting my hopes up that they're genuine. When I got home I looked up on line and discovered that because of their height and the size of the filling holes they are the reproductions. Who cares! They're adorable - real or repro! Might sell them, haven't decided yet; but, if anyone's interested, email me.

This figurine is so animated! I just want to hug it! It's in excellent condition. Look at the original price! Wish I could buy figurines for that price today, but I was lucky and got this for $6.00.

Couldn't resist this chic overnight bag. Has a few "dents" but, hey, I'm a dent-kinda-gal!

Last is this awesome Wilendur square tablecloth with four napkins. Needs a good cleaning and, again, not sure if I will keep or sell.

I think I hit the jackpot yesterday! Good stuff cheap!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow, wonderful stuff! Love the s&p even if repro! I'm 'thrift shopping' at my Mom's house!

Charlotte Huffman said...

Great finds! Nothing that good at the thrift stores where I live :-(

chris mckinley said...

A good day hunting!

acorn hollow said...

you did hit the jack pot! love the table cloth


You scored, repo or not! The thrift stores around here are the dealers are out and getting everything! Estate sales are picking up and pretty soon, GARAGE sales will start!
All nice finds!

Melissa said...

Great finds! And those s&p are cute, even if they're repros.

Jill said...

Who cares if they're vintage or not, they look it and they're cute!! Great finds!