Monday, May 26, 2014


My dad, Edwin Simms Pink, Sr. served in WWII in the Mediterranean and in the Pacific Theater. He was a Navy man.

He would occasionally talk about his time in Italy, nothing much happened there according to his war diary, but never about the Pacific. That must have been where he saw all the action. He had even brought home a German helmet with a bullet hole directly in front of the brain. We played with it as kids, not knowing the significance of it. Boy, was that thing heavy!

One of my brothers had taken the diary and transcribed it, along with my dad's photos, making a nice 3-ring book for each of us. Here are two photos from the Pacific:

Thank you to all the soldiers who served, and died, protecting our country so we are free today.


Monica said...

Wow, an image can be so powerful. Thanks for sharing these.

The French Hutch said...

My dad too! I have a similar pic like the first one here, I had to look twice to see if my dad was in it. My dad is gone now and I wish I had paid more attention when he told those stories.............Great post, I enjoyed it so much.