Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I hope you all have the best year ever in 2015 - stay healthy, happy, and blessed! My mo-in-law gave me these two vintage noisemakers for Christmas - love 'em!

Went to the thrift shops yesterday and the day before. Here's my loot:

A vintage stocking of felt ($.25), and a vintage box of some ornaments ($.60). I just wanted the box!

Craft snow, a few cards, pale pink beads, green wired tinsel, recipe card dividers, a small Santa, small glass bulbs, and an empty Victorian Trading Company soap box (which may end up in a swap this coming year!).

A pretty Happy Birthday vase and an assortment of cookie cutters.

I may sell some of these on Etsy this year. I haven't sold a thing in about a year, so I need to hop back on the bandwagon!

Once again, everyone, Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!
I hope it is a wonderful year for all.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Great finds! I got a few after Christmas buys at the thrift also. Wishing you a Joyous New Year!

LV said...

Best wishes to you and family as well. Trust everyone's New Year will we better. Love the goodies you shared.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Happy New Year!
I love your thrift store finds, you found some good stuff! That birthday vase is SWEET!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I love the noisemakers! And your thrifty finds are great! You did well with that ornament box and stocking.
Happy New Year to you!
Erica :)
ps I'm gonna jump back into my Etsy store too. It's been way too long!

★Carol★ said...

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

Jeannie Marie said...

Happy New Year! I love to see the fun things you found! I must try my hand at Etsy, I've had an account for ages.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

The thing of swizzles seems like a lot of fun! I have that box of ornaments. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!