Saturday, November 21, 2015


Well, folks, here's my report on the craft fair I did today. All I can say is, "not a good one". Just chalk it up to "the experience was useful". My Katherine went with me and we got set up, no problem. They had teens helping to carry stuff in. Here's my display:

 That's me on the right:

 Our table was in the back right corner which, I soon found out, was a problem. The kitchen (serving donuts, burgers, etc.) was on the opposite side of the room, along with a bank of nice sunny windows - that was the high traffic area. My side didn't have windows (the windows you see go into classrooms). These were my corner views:

I started out optimistic. I truly believed I was going to make a killing, especially after quickly walking around the hall and seeing that no one had items similar to mine. The hours were 9-3 and by 11:30 I had only sold one item! So I started marking down items and put up a SALE sign, but to not avail. All total I sold seven small items for a whopping $23! Didn't even make the $50 registration fee.

Katherine walked around a lot during the day and said that she noticed that people weren't buying much and, at the end, that all the tables were still full of items. She gave me a nice compliment and said that she thought (not because I'm her mom) that I had quality crafts.

I don't know if I want to try again next year, try a different craft fair, or just sell on Etsy. Only time will tell!



Sorry that it didn't go well for you...I tired it once, selling my cards, years ago and didn't do well...try etsy.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Craft fairs can be so hit or miss. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Your crafts look great. Try Etsy again!


LV said...

Regret things did not go well for you. I know you had some neat things. Seems people are burned out on craft shows and garage sales. We used have a garage sale and they would be lined up to get in. No more. May you and family have a great holiday.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Sue, it looks like you had wonderful items! Sometimes those shows can be that way. Wow, $50 was a high fee. I almost joined in one costing $30. Sure I would have lost money also. :(