Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome to Fairy Land!

I was "talking" to someone from yesterday's Vintage Thingies Thursday (can't remember who - goodness knows there were almost 30 people I visited!) who happened to have a fairy door. I mentioned that I have one, too, and that I should write about it today. Here's the door as it looked outside this past summer.

The plants are (for all you inquiring gardeners), from left:

in front of door - a red primrose hose-in-hose
the mini climber - creeping wire vine
to the right of that - unknown fern
in front of vine - 'mouse ears' hosta (mini)
to the right - primrose 'gold lace'
in the front - "wild" speedwell (wild in my yard, anyway!)

This is my fairy land under my lilac bush, with plenty of soft moss. I made the house out of a bird house, figurines are Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies, and the swan is from A. C. Moore.

This is my fairy door brought inside, tucked away behind the pantry door. It allows them to enter my house from their world. They take little bits of food for snacks to have with their chamomile tea. I have to be careful of my shiny, glittery craft items - we know how much they catch the eye of a mischievous fairy!

The doormat and the Private sign were printed out on card stock. I already posted (last week?) the pic of the fairies on my kitchen shelf "waiting for Spring" - those three are the sociable ones and don't mind being around humans.

I made this Gnome Home before Christmas, and am working on a mushroom gnome home to put outside this year. Will post it when it's finished.

Let me know if you're into fairies, gnomes, or miniature gardening, I'd love to hear from you!


Kathy said...

I just completely adore the fairy doors and the fairy land under the bush is so so cute. My favorite part of fairy land is the goose across from the fairy at the wading pool. And my favorite part from all the pictures combined is the basket of roses by the inside door. Absolutely precious.

Protector of Vintage said...

What a beautiful blog you have!! My daughter and I have a fairy chair that we placed in a corner of the backyard.

Thank you for visiting!! I will be back to read more. My computer is very slow right now. Take care~~

Joyce said...

So funny and CUTE! My Mom is into fairies big time. She made me and my sister Gnomes one year and we have had fun with them.....mine is in my "Secret Garden" outside.
I LOOOVE the "fairy door" where did you get that thing?? I saw one in Victorian Trading but it was a fortune. I should get my Mom one.
She would be overjoyed if I did. HA!