Wednesday, September 21, 2011


WWF is dedicating the second International Rhino Day, on 22nd September, to the brave men and women who devote their lives to defending rhinos. They are true heroes and we salute them.

Did you know

the world's rhino population

has declined 90% since 1970?

Four of the five species of rhinoceros are in danger of extinction in the wild, due mostly to illegal trade in rhino horn and increasingly, to habitat loss. If not for conservation efforts, there would be no wild rhinos alive today.

Four of the five remaining species of rhino will become extinct in the wild in our lifetime if we do not take action to stop poaching and support rhino conservation.

Rhinos in crisis: Rhino horn is NOT medicine!

Education about rhino horn is desperately needed.

We need to teach people to stop thinking of rhino horn as a valuable commodity and start focusing on the facts. Rhino horn has no medicinal properties, no curative benefits, and no magical powers.

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I enjoy watching the rhinos come to the water holes at my Africam locations - the babies are adorable, believe it or not! So, you can see that I have a personal interest in rhinos. (Even though my favorite African animal is the cheetah!)

Here's a photo I took last year.

This is from last month.

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