Monday, January 13, 2014


Two things before I list the partners, which will be tomorrow:

1) I totally forgot to ask if anyone has a problem with swapping internationally. I have two wonderful swappers from the UK. If no one can do overseas, I'll swap with both of them! :)

2) PLEASE make sure that your email address is available on your blog for your swap partner to contact you. Unless you email them first!


Kari Spriggs said...

I don't mind international!

Becky Garrison said...

Sorry, I just can't afford the expense ... wish I could! Looking very forward to this swap ... I've already done one spoolie for practice!

Jenny's Heart said...

I am fine with international.

Jann Olson said...

I am fine with international too Sue.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

I tried to find an estimated shipping cost through usps site and came up with $50. Is it really that much? I think it would be terrific to swap internationally if it would cost less than say $30. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks! Pam

Kari Spriggs said...

Pam its kinda late but if it ever comes up again. The cheapest way to send international is 1st class. For this swap unless you went seriously crazy and sent a bunch of heavy stuff. It wouldn't be more than $20.00. Hope that helps for the future. PS if it was me though with a send out of Feb 5th. I'd probably try to send it out next week sometime just to be sure it got there!